5 Things to consider in order to attract the right talent in Healthcare Communications in 2024

As we have all experienced, the recruitment market went quiet immediately after Covid back in 2020/21, and yet 2022 leading into 2023 seemed buoyant. There were good jobs on the market and people seem to be happy to go back to work (even if it was mainly working from home or hybrid).

Over the last fiscal year we have heard many internal and external recruiters comment that there has been a slow down across most sectors towards the end of 2023 and now the first few months of 2024 still seems to be relatively sluggish.

Many specialist healthcare (and, indeed, mainstream communications agencies) were letting people go rather than hiring at the end of last year which is not unusual leading up to the end of the year. But, we were still waiting to see obvious signs of a pick up as late as March 2024. Plus we also know from experience that periods leading up to UK and US elections do make businesses, and the corporate world generally, become a little more cautious.

The good news is that we are now starting to see some movement which we anticipate will create a shift in the balance towards a candidate-driven market once again. This means that Healthcare agencies probably need to think about how they are going to attract / retain the best talent versus their competitors!

No surprises then about the 5 things candidates say they still want from a new role or company:

  1. Salary:  with inflation / cost of living and competition for talent, we have to be mindful that it is going to cost a bit more to attract the best talent.
  2. Soft Benefits:  those little things that make working in an office a little bit more enjoyable whether it’s a good team atmosphere, supporting charity events or cycle to work schemes.
  3. Culture:  people want to work for businesses with a clear purpose, social responsibility and values that align with their own.
  4. Flexibility:  whilst there is clear evidence that many agencies are trying to get people into the office more often, hybrid working continues to be important to candidates. There is a desire though to get back into the office at least part of the time in order to enjoy the benefits of working with your colleagues, learning from them, and sharing experiences.
  5. Personal development: candidates want to work for experienced, successful companies, clients and teams.  Agencies who openly invest in learning and development for their staff will win out here.

We are here if you need us to help with recruitment of candidates for Healthcare Communications and / or Life Sciences experience. Please do get in touch and we would be delighted to hear how we might be able to help you.